How does Career Seach Network – “Help” you?

In today’s job market, more than 70% of all jobs are found as a result of networking!

Just what IS Networking?


Sharing information about:

  • jobs
  • contacts
  • companies
  • people you know
  • people your friends know
  • people you meet everywhere and everyday

At CSN, you learn to focus on what you should share… and you learn to use every opportunity, socially and professionally, to extend your network of potential influencers!

You learn to create your professional presence…. making your first impression the right impression!

Job Search Skills Development

CSN offers a series of presentations focused on the ever changing job market, as part of the regular meeting format.
Topics include:

Modern Day Resumes
Answering the Hard Questions in Your Interview
Jobs in the Hidden Job Market
Developing Your Personal Branding Strategy
Finding Hope in Today’s Job Market

And so many more…. All relevant, all refining your marketability!

Enhanced Job Search Workshops

Need a jump start on your job search?
Need to put new energy into your tired resume?
Worried about your interviewing skills?

The CSN Enhanced Job Search Workshop is filled with skills, techniques, advice, and practice sessions that will build your confidence and your presence! Presented monthly, these half-day Saturday workshops will make you a ‘serious contender’!