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Inspiration and Information

Attended the monthly workshop yesterday, wonderful program!  Thanks to all the presenters, Dirk Spencer, Patty Revis, and Wayne Brittingham; lots of inspiration and great information.

C.S. 03/28/2010

Fantastic and Helpful

The work you do is fantastic and so helpful to everyone. I’m sorry there is such a need for your services, but I’m grateful there are people like you who willingly provide it.

M.H. 03/22/2010

Saxon hires CSN member

Guys, this has been a blessing. V, came to me looking for a project manager about a month back and they hired our CSN-Steve here and to this day they are thanking the CSN almost every week. (Foster Williams)

” He is a blessing, and I wish he could have joined sooner!”

V.C. 1/15/2010

Digital Footprints

Nice job … Good speaker … Awesome job! … Good information … Overall, great workshop!¬† Enjoyed presentation by Rod Russell … Learned new things@ Digital Footprint from Paul’s segment.

K.W. 7/25/09

Good and Great

Good Suggestions … Great ideas … Provided good examples … Great information

Anon 7/25/09


Ret did a great job – testimonies are good for everyone….Olivia is a great speaker – … I like how Rod engaged the audience. … Good Job!

C.P. 7/25/09

Great Seminar

Great seminar overall!

C.C. 8/29/09

Ton of information

Received a ton of information. Excellent! Excellent!

M. B. 8/29/09

Restores Faith

The workshop delivered fabulous and useful information. It also restores your faith that you are at this place of opportunity for a reason. Every speaker was excellent and on point with their area of expertise. I’m glad my friend … invited me. I am confident that I will be a better job seeker.

D.M. 8/29/09

A Must

Personally, I feel this is a must for everyone…

V.M. 8/29/09