What value do you see yourself adding to this company?

The interviewer wants to know about the candidate’s strengths and how they see themselves being effective in the proposed position.  When/where did the candidate exceed expectations, make someone else’s job easier, save the company money by going the extra mile.  What is unique/special about you?  What have others stated are your attributes and how did those traits relate to your achievements?  Identify your top 2-3 strengths and speak to them. This question measures how well you know yourself, how much research you have completed on the employer, and your abilities to link the two and communicate the link

Traps: If you over sell, follow up questions could make the recruiter question your authenticity.  If you short change yourself, the recruiter has other candidates to choose from.

Strategies: If you are never asked this question, you should be sure to provide the same information at some time during the interview.  Strength finders is a way to help you present your accomplishments from the vantage point of your prominent strengths  This question provides an opportunity to repeat the key points of your introduction and specifically in a way that fulfills a need of the company.

Research of the employer should include identifying their goals.  The initial telephone interview is an opportunity to learn what those goals may be.  Using your business knowledge, you should know what skills or processes are needed in order to achieve those goals.  Knowing  what is important to the company is the key to having an excellent response.

Using your past accomplishments, you can identify the skills that match what you think the company is looking for.  Providing an answer incorporating the needs of the company should include how the skill/knowledge etc, (which is the value you will add), provided the results of your accomplishment.

While you are unique, value can be plural.  Provide the most important value first and if you think you will be adding more, highlight them also.

Possible Response: From what your Website indicates and some of the comments that you have made I believe that Flatbush Corp is really trying to increase its productivity while containing or maybe even reducing labor and overhead expenses.  What I have been told is that not only do I excel at analyzing reports, but have been able to develop new data that has been key to implementing process changes that increased productivity nearly 15% at my previous employer.  Not only was my change able to improve productivity, we were eventually able to combine two locations into a single larger facility, cutting overhead nearly one-half.